Top of the line
in quality. Professional Welding Wires

We start from selected greenrod to manufacture, through advanced production processes and quality controls, the best wire for the most demanding applications. This gives you a very pure welding.



Sidergas Scandinavia AB delivers the Original Square Pack and the new Masterpac, the largest bulk pack on the market, in their latest and improved design, are among some of the Sidergas most powerful tools for a productive and safe working environment.

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App for tracking and documentation

Sidergas is the first manufacturer in the world that has created an app for smart phones were you can download important documents such as analysis certificate and more.
With your smart phone you can scan the pack and get different suggestions of documents e.g. analysis certifikat 3.1.b
Press on the picture to the right to view a demonstration. No more unnecessary phone calls to your supplier needed. Just take your phone and scan the code on the wire.